Introduction, Overview, and Value of Sponsorship

Team Dayton Cycling, the 2012 USA Cycling Club of the Year, is the premier amateur cycling team in the Midwest. We focus our efforts on the grassroots development of competitive cyclists in Southwest Ohio.
We appreciate the tremendous support we have had from our sponsors in 2015. Your contributions are key to the success of our team. We look forward to our continued relationship in 2016 and beyond.


Team Dayton Cycling is made up of athletes competing in multiple disciplines including mountain, road, triathlon and cyclocross races. In 2015, we had a team consisting of over 120 USA Cycling licensed racers, making us one of the largest racing teams in the United States. The primary focus of Team Dayton Cycling is racing cycling events in the tristate area of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. We also send some of our best to Regional and National-level events. In addition to participating in races, Team Dayton Cycling hosts a criterium race, a road race, an indoor time trial series, and cyclocross race each year further expanding our sponsorship exposure.

Value of Sponsorship

  • Viability – Team Dayton Cycling is readily recognized with an average of over 40,000 hours spent training and racing. Sponsor logos are prominently displayed on the cycling uniform and on the team website. Sponsor logos are placed by commitment level, in collaboration with sponsors to maximize exposure. The team has several canopies set up with sponsor banners prominently displayed making the team and our sponsors group extremely visible at local events. This provides significant interaction with event attendees, increasing your exposure and providing you the opportunity to distribute samples and/or product information.
  • Referrals – We make a concerted effort to provide referrals and promote our sponsor’s products and services.
  • Social media exposure – Team results and community service provide excellent content for social media updates. Build followers by networking with our team reaching key demographic groups.
  • Networking – Team Dayton Cycling includes a number of local business owners and professionals. Supporting Team Dayton is an opportunity to network with influential of the members of the community.
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Who is Team Dayton Cycling?


Select Team member, Matt Bole, crosses the finish line in a breakaway finish to take 1st place in the River Gorge criterium in Chattanooga, TN.

Team Dayton is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established to develop  and grow competitive cycling in Southwest Ohio.  We are a volunteer r-run group that depends solely on the assistance of sponsors  to support the team.  Team Dayton consists of over 120 racers participating in all disciplines of cycling: road races, criteriums, time trials,  mountain biking, cyclocross, and BMX.  Team members are required to be a licensed member of USA Cycling and sign a rider’s agreement.  We have no membership fee but require our members to complete a minimum of 10 hours racing, volunteering or a combination of both.


sponsor-page-6Team Dayton was founded in 2000 by veteran bicycle racers Ron Garrett and Bruce Skillings.  As an offshoot of a local cycling club, the team was envisioned as a 25 person group that would focus on promoting local bicycle racing.  Since then, the team has grown and become one of the most recognizable amateur teams in the Midwest.  The team races in over 200 events a year across the United States.  The grassroots team philosophy envisioned by Bruce and Ron is still flourishing today.


Why Sponsor our Cycling Team?

Team Dayton represents the values, ideals, and image that people and organizations aspire to: teamwork, professionalism, integrity, diversity, charity, and passion for our mission.

The Right Audience
Cyclists and their supporters tend to be affluent, making for a strategic advertising demographic. According to the National Sporting Goods Association, over 62% of households that race and ride bikes have an average household income of $75,000, with a median age of 34 years old – 81% are college graduates. Yearly average spectators at cycling event exceed 11 million people with a median age of 37 years old and a median household income of

Visibility and Exposure
Think of the members of Team Dayton as rolling billboards with the name and logos of their sponsors featured prominently on the team uniforms worn year round during training rides, tours, and races over the course of the 12-month season. With your name on our uniform, you are guaranteeing thousands of hours of mobile visibility. In addition, we prominently display our partner logos on our website, banners at races, and social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter. Sponsoring a cycling team is more than having a name and logo on a jersey.

A Smart and Sustainable Investment
With cycling’s increasing popularity as society is trending toward increased environmental and health awareness throughout the country, sponsoring a cycling team is a progressive and environmentally-conscious investment in a sustainable and increasingly popular activity.

Team Dayton is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization making all contributions tax deductible. Our staff is all volunteer and administrative costs are negligible so your support yields maximum benefit. The money, products, and services you provide support training and education, travel to events, entry fees, and race support such as law enforcement, race referees, and equipment.

It is in the culture of Team Dayton Cycling to give back to the community.
Under the leadership of Paul Rouse, Team Dayton hosts a five event Indoor Time Trial Series from November through March. Using computer simulators the competitors are able to race against each other over the same 10K course. Not only is it great training, the more than 250 competitors raised $6,000 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in 2015.
Team Dayton provides escorts for wheelchair athletes who race in the Air Force Marathon at Wright-Patterson AFB. The event draws over 15,000 racers and over 30,000 spectators with local and national media coverage.

Our Continued Success!!!

Team Dayton Continues to deliver against our mission to develop and grow competitive cycling in Southwest Ohio. Our team remains competitive and we continue to support our riders in bigger events.

Our membership remains exceptionally strong with over 120 members in 2015. We continue to bring in new members interested in racing. Our women’s squad is 27 members strong representing a large percentage of all licensed women in the Midwest region. Team Dayton is the largest USA Cycling team in OH, KY, and IN and for the past several years has been in the top 25 largest of the ~2,000 active USAC teams.

Our podium appearances continue to be extremely strong in the 2015 racing season with 62 wins, 52 2nd place finishes and 28 3rd place finishes for a total of 142 podium appearances with the cyclocross season yet to come!!!

Ohio State USA Cycling Championship Podium Results: 19 Gold Medals, 11 Silver Medals, 10 Bronze Medals.

Ohio Senior Olympic Championship Podium Results: 7 Gold Medals and 5 Silver Medals.

2015 National Senior Games in Minnesota: 1 Gold Medal, 1 Silver Medal, 2 Bronze Medals.

These results are consistent with our performance each year. We have participated in over 200 events located in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Iowa, West Virginia, Michigan, Illinois, Arizona, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, California, Maryland, Texas, Utah, Oregon, Wisconsin, South Carolina, New Hampshire and Hawaii!


High Quality Training, Education, and Competition

Amateur bicycle racing is the training ground that helps identify and prepare talented athletes for National and Olympic level competition. Team Dayton is a leader in providing high quality education, training, and competition for cyclists throughout the Southwest Ohio. Our team prides itself in putting on high quality events that meet the following criteria – safe venue/course, events run on time, reasonable entry fee/purse, and prompt results posting to USA Cycling.

From April to mid-August Team Dayton conducts a 16 week race training series at The Ohio Renaissance Festival Grounds in Harveysburg, OH. Under the supervision of Team Training Director, Paul Rouse, the weekly ‘training’ races/clinics provide critical racing skills to newer members and allow more experienced to refine their tactics and fitness throughout the season. This training is offered to all licensed riders in the area.

Training Director Paul Rouse leads road training rides throughout the season and holds a Team Spring Training Camp each year in Tennessee.

Race Directors David Benner and David Burns presented our annual road race held in Spring Valley, OH. The Spring Valley Road Race was part of the Ohio Spring Road Series and attracted 250+ riders.

In June, Team Dayton hosted the Tour de Xenia Ohio Junior and Master Criterium Championships in Xenia, OH under Race Directors Melissa Heston and Kristine Hofstra’s leadership. This race attracted over 220 racers in all categories and presented the Ohio Criterium Championship Jersey to the winner in each Junior and Master Age Groups. The Tour de Xenia was of the Ohio Criterium Cup Series.

On September 3rd, our team hosted the Kings Cyclocross Time Trial in Mason attracting over 100+ racers and raising money for children racing development.

On September 13th, Race Director Julie Herrmann will lead our team in hosting OVCX season opener Harbin Park Cyclocross Race.

Team Dayton Cycling’s Board of Directors continued to support a Select Road and a Select Cyclocross Category 1 and 2 Team that competes in the highest level races throughout the Midwest and other regions of the country. Our Select Road Team raced in over 137 races in 14 States with 23 podium appearances and won 3 State Championships. We are looking forward to watching our Select CX Team race this fall.

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Benefits of Sponsoring Team Dayton

As a sponsor of Team Dayton your company name and logo is displayed on uniforms, team canopy, team trailer, website, social media and in external communications.

Team Dayton participates in over 200 events throughout the year. Many of the events are located in downtown areas of cities in our tri-state region – Cincinnati, Xenia, Dayton, Centerville, Cleveland, Columbus, Canton, Louisville, Lexington, Indianapolis, etc.) These events draw thousands of spectators and local media coverage.

The team trains year round and a typical cyclist puts in 300+ hours a year on the bike. Your company will receive approximately 40,000 hours of visibility throughout the Midwest and beyond in front of a GREAT demographic for most businesses!

Our very popular website averages over 150,000 hits per month featuring prominent sponsor logos hyperlinked to company websites.

Each year, our team participates in the July 4th Americana Centerville Parade that attracts over 75,000 spectators and is broadcasted on local TV.

The team is also available for special appearances and clinics.

Sponsorship Levels Each Year:

Platinum Sponsor Largest Donor $10,000 Primary location on jersey. Name & logo on all team correspondence.
Gold Sponsor $3,000 to $5,000 Prominent location on team jersey. Logo with link on website and Facebook.
Silver Sponsor $1,000 to $2,000 Higher valu location on team jersey. Logo on website and Facebook.
Bronze Sponsor $500 to $750 Logo and link on website. Logo on jersey. Location dependent on contribution.
Equipment Partner Free or Reduced Cost Equipment, Product, Supplies, or Service Logo and link on website. Logo on jersey dependent on contribution.



Thank You!!

Team Dayton is focused on the future of cycling and the success of our partner companies. We will do our best to be a role m odel team. We look forward to speaking with you and hope you will become part of our winning team in 2016 and beyond!!


David Rich

David Cox