Who We Are

Team Dayton is a non-profit organization established to grow and develop competitive cycling in Southwest Ohio.  Our team consists of 100+ racers with a primary focus on road races, criteriums, and time trials.  We represent all USA Cycling categories and have strong Masters, Juniors, and Women’s programs.

Team Dayton was founded in 2000 by veteran bicycle racers Ron Garrett and Bruce Skillings. As an offshoot of a local cycling club, the team was envisioned as a 25 person group that would focus on promoting local bicycle racing. Since then the team has grown and become one of the most recognizable amateur teams in the mid-west. The team races in over 200 events a year across the United States. The grassroots team philosophy envisioned by Bruce and Ron is still flourishing today.

Team Dayton Continues to deliver against our mission to develop and grow competitive cycling in Southwest Ohio. Our team remains competitive and we continue to support our riders in bigger events.

Our membership remains exceptionally strong with over 100 riders in 2017. We continue to bring in new members interested in racing. Our women’s squad is 30 members strong representing a large percentage of all registered women in the Midwest region.

Team Dayton is the largest USA Cycling team in OH, KY, and IN and for the past several years has been in the top 25 largest of the ~2,000 active USAC teams.

Our podium appearances continue to be extremely strong in the 2017 racing season with approximately 75 wins, and additional 50 second place finishes, and yet another 40 third place finishes with the cyclocross season yet to come.


Mission statement: Develop & Grow Competitive Cycling in Southwest Ohio.

Vision:  Team Dayton strives to be the pre-eminent cycling team in the Mid-West.  The membership is respected for their results, teamwork, tactics, and professionalism.  Our riders span all road categories, mountain bike, triathlon, mens & womens, masters, and juniors.  Team Dayton is well known for its development & support of young riders.  Several Team Dayton ‘alumni’ currently ride for regional and national teams.  Team Dayton has a broad and stable group of sponsors that enables the team to develop and grow cycling talent in SouthWest Ohio. The team and its members actively participate in community events and faithfully represent our sport and sponsors.

Membership Requirements:

  • Hold a current USA Cycling license with Team Dayton as club/team
  • Sign a yearly rider’s agreement.
  • Purchase at least one jersey & short annually with current sponsors (~$115)
  • Participate in 10 races, volunteer for 10 hours, or a combination of the two

Interested????   Here’s how to Join!