How To Join

Interested in joining our team??

Team Dayton membership is open to cyclists of all ages, gender, and experience that want to race.  Our focus is on the grassroots development of competitive cyclists in Southwest, OH (Cincinnati & Dayton areas).  We also accept experienced riders that have typically relocated to the area and are seeking another team to ride with.  Our expectation is that you race at in either 10 sanctioned events a year, volunteer at our sponsored events for 10 hours, OR a combination of both, hold a current USAC license, & uphold the values of teamwork, professionalism, excellence, integrity, pride, and respect.  There is NO membership fee, but you must purchase a new uniform yearly.

New membership process:

1)   Read our Riders Agreement and review the expectations for membership.

2)  Complete the following application . New Member Resume  Answer the questions the best that you can.  Our intent is to learn a little bit about you and your interests.  If you are an experienced rider please attach your riders resume (should include the following:  cycling background, race results, other sporting activities, personal interests, etc.).  Email to

3)  You will receive a confirmation email that your application was received within 7 days.

4)  The Board of Directors will review your application and let you know a decision within 14 days of your confirmation email.

5)  Once your membership is approved you will need to do the following:

  • Complete and sign our Riders Agreement .
  • Obtain a USA Cycling License with Team Dayton Cycling as your club.  If you already have a license you must have your primary club/team changed within 30 days of joining us.  If joining in the fall the license needs to be changed on renewal.
  • Buy a Team Dayton uniform.  Uniforms may be ordered throughout the year; however, it is most cost effective to purchase during in December during the large order period.

6)  You can help the process of joining Team Dayton by attending our races/events, riding with some of our members, and building your racing resume.

You can address all questions to