Team Dayton escorts the wheeled athletes at the 2015 Air Force Marathon

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Team Dayton members answered the call to be escorts for the wheeled athletes at the 2015 Air Force Marathon on Saturday, September 19th.  Team Dayton has been involved with escorting the wheeled athletes since the inception of the program five years ago and, this year, our own David Cox was tapped by the Race Director to be Lead Volunteer.

Escorting the wheeled athletes is an amazing experience.  Many are veterans of the Armed Forces who have sustained service-related injuries that resulted in some level of disability.  It is inspirational to see all of the athletes exhibit their competitive spirit by suiting up for a 26.2 mile race.

Thanks to Paul Rouse, Mary Wienholts, Jim Oelgoetz, Susan Sagan, Chuck Smith, Heidi Riffle, Kristine Hofstra, Mike Hallock, Jr., Bob Blue, Dave Benner, and David and Kari Cox.

Special thanks to Ron Garrett for serving as the lead vehicle race lead group.

Winner Dave Berling of Avondale, AZ was just 27 seconds off the course record crossing the Finish line with a time of 1:18:50 and an average speed of 20mph.


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